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FAQ - Frequenty Asked Questions:

. How long will it take to get my order?

We normally ship same day, and shipping is another 1-5 days.

. What kind of vnails do I need for my Underpinner?

1- Type - UNI

For most makes of underpinner , Cassese (UNI) ,  Pistorius , Framers Corner , Omga , Morso , Taurus underpinner and v-nails gun (10.3 mm). (White Box for normal wood, Red Box for hard wood) (Cassese product).

2- Type - AL

For Alfamachine , Fletcher-AMP , Putnam and Minigraf underpinner.(Silver box for normal wood, Black Box for hard wood) (Cassese product).

3- Type - Cartridge

For Cassese (Cart underpinner) (Decor product) .

4- Type - FUW

For Cassese (UNI) , Pistorius , Morso , Arquati underpinner and v-nails gun (10.3 mm) (Gielle product).

5- Type - FLM

For Brevetti Motta underpinner (Gielle product).

6- Type - FLAX

For Alfamachine underpinner (Gielle product).

7- Type - ALF

For Alfamachine ( Minigraf ) underpinner (AMP product).

. Can I have a Vnails sample ?

Yes, Please email us your name , shipping address and image of your machine with the model number.

. Where can I buy a V-nails Gun for picture framing ?

Please click on this link :